African wild ass

African wild ass population size, reproductive biology, genetics, habitat requirements, and interactions with local pastoralists and their domestic livestock
Fanuel Kebede, Patricia D. Moehlman, Almaz Tadesse and Kifle Argaw

African wild ass reproductive biology, population dynamics, genetics, social organization, and feeding ecology
Patricia D. Moehlman, Hagos Yohannes, and Redae Teclai

Conservation genetics of African Wild Asses
Ann Oakenfull, Hagos Yohannes, Fanuel Kebede, June Swinburne, Matthew Binns, Patricia Moehlman

Grevy's zebra

Research and Conservation of the African Wild Ass (Equus africanus) in the Danakil Desert and the Grevy's zebra (Equus grevyi) in semi-arid areas of Ethiopia
Fanuel Kebede, Patricia D. Moehlman, Almaz Tadesse and Kifle Argaw

The behavioral ecology and conservation of Grevy's zebra on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
Dan Rubenstein in partnership with the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Long-term monitoring of the Grevy's zebras on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Herbivore dynamics in and around Buffalo Springs and Samburu National Reserves
Patrick Wargute

Grevy's zebra survey in Kenya
Stuart Williams and Alaistair Nelson

Grevy's zebra survey in Ethiopia
Stuart Williams, Fanuel Kebede, and Alaistair Nelson

Plains zebra

The dynamics of zebra herds: ecological influences on size, composition and decision-making
Daniel I. Rubenstein

Mountain zebra

The molecular genetics of Mountain Zebra populations
Y.Moodley and E.H.Harley

Asiatic Wild Ass

Demography and population trends of the Khur (Equus hemionus khur) in the Little Rann of Kutch, India
Nita Shah

Social behavior, demography, and population dynamics of the Onager (Equus hemionus onager) in Israel
David Saltz and Dan Rubenstein

Population Status of the Onager in Iran
Laurent Tatin and Darreh-Shoori


Status and conservation of Kiang (Equus kiang) in the Arjin Mountain Nature Reserve, Xinjiang Province, People's Republic of China
Nita Shah and Zhang Huibin

Survey of Kiang (Equus kiang) in South and Central Tiber Autonomous Region
Nita Shah and Joanna van Gruisen

Identifying Kiang and livestock conflict zones in East Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir State, India
Nita Shah

Przewalski's horse

Takhi reintroduction into Hustai National Park, Mongolia: Behavior and social organization
Lee Boyd and Sarah B. King

Demography of a natural Przewalski horse herd in Le Villaret, Causse Mejan, France
Claudia Feh, Laurent Tatin & Sebastien Carton de Grammont

Adaptation of Przewalski horses to a semi arid environment, a part of their historical distribution area: Capacity and limits
A.J. Sempere, O.B. Pereladova, K. Bahloul, K. Sidorenko, N. Soldatova